Are Prisons Obsolete?

Over on Instagram today we quoted the incredible Angela Davis. Our justice system and the use of prisons as punishment is currently toward the front of societal conversations around discrimination of the basis of race, and particularly how this impacts black people.

We've found the easiest way to process this information is by looking at Mona Chalabi's excellent info-graphic, which you can see here.

We also spoke about how prisons specifically impact women and particularly women of colour on our recent 2-part episode on women in prison. You can listen right here!!

Accessibility is a topic we've been discussing in our blog recently. In light of this, here are two excellent resources about prison reform. The first is Angela Davis' vital work "Are Prisons Obsolete" read aloud via YouTube. And the second is a clip recently published on the BBC, created in partnership with the Open University. We hope you will find them both interesting and useful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Are Prisons Obsolete - Angela Davis.

Viewpoint: What would a world without prisons be like?



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