The Life and Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Episode 9.5!

Lauren and Tara interrupt the Legally Feminist scheduling with a special episode celebrating the life and legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This episode looks back on RBG's remarkable life and some of her most famous cases, but also looks forward to what her vacancy could mean for the future of the United States Supreme Court and the country as a whole. 

* A correction on this episode*

If Amy Coney Barrett does take up a seat on the US Supreme Court, it'll be a 6-3 conservative/republican majority. Should Trump win a second term and Stephen Breyer's seat becomes available, that would make it 7-2.

Sources, legislation, and cases for this episode:

New York Times - RBG on Roe v Wade

The New Yorker - How Trump's Supreme Court Maneuver Could Dangerously Increase the Powers of the President

538 Politics Podcast

Constitutional Reform Act 2005

United States v Virginia 1996

Fronterio v Richardson

Weinberger v Wiesenfeld

Califano v Goldfarb

R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union 2016

R (Miller) v The Prime Minister 2019

Planned Parenthood v Casey

June Medical Services, LLC v. Russo



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